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Businesses are under continuous pressure to innovate and cut costs. They therefore develop new markets, often in combination with outsourcing the business's own value creation. However, the complex global supply networks that result from this hide a multitude of new and unknown potential risks. Purchasers, logistics teams and supply chain managers now have the ability to protect their business from harm, and to identify and minimise the risks in good time. The Secure Supply Chain benchmark is an international, neutral assessment tool for the procedural and organizational implementation of a globally secure supply chain. Benefit from the opportunity to measure and optimise your business based on benchmarks. Document your accountability for your shareholders and stakeholders.

"Secure Supply Chain" means:

  • Forward-looking, proactive management of risks in the global end-to-end supply chain
  • Control of risk occurrences on a (sub-)supplier and location level
  • Protection from bottlenecks
  • Protection of company image Ensuring profitability, compliance and sales

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