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The Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) is the professional association for procurers, supply chain and logistics managers in Germany, and one of the largest such associations in Europe. As of May 2022 BME has 9,750 members hailing from enterprises of all sectors and sizes, including public sector organisations. The association offers a broad portfolio of qualification, services and networking events as well as congresses.

The BME at a glace:

Key issues such as sustainable procurement, digital supply chains, globalisation, mobility transition, innovation and public procurement are at the core of our work. BME also rewards exceptional procurement achievements through four annual awards, one of which is for public sector purchasers in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

38 regional BME groups ensure services are relevant for those working on the ground. This includes initiatives to support Young Professionals, expert councils and scientific research. With its four subsidiaries BME is a recognised provider of formal education, capacity building, and business-2-business matchmaking. The association also offers accredited certifications among others for sustainable procurement.

BME has over 60 years of experience in connecting political decision makers with procurement professionals as evidenced by its Federal appointment to be the Competence Centre for Innovative Procurement (KOINNO) and the coordinator of the procure2innovate network. As founder and organiser of the Purchasing Initiative BME has – again in collaboration with the Federal government - matched buyers with suppliers from the Western Balkans, Italy, Portugal and all over Europe. Since 2015 BME organized more then 4.000 B2B-Meetings.

One Assocation I 5 Companies | More than 90 Employees

Comptence in Sustainability, Global Sourcing, Procurement 2030...


As a Federal Association BME provides a wide range of services for the public and its members. With 4 commercial companies the BME Group offers professional events, qualified trainings, global networking and sales opportunities:

  • BME Akademie: trainings and seminars, in-house trainings, webninars and conferences
  • BMEnet: B2B-Machtmaking, BME International Network, Job Source Platform, BME Research (Benchmark), BME Marketplace www.bmeopensourcing.com (Supplier Platform, Sustainability Certification...)
  • BME Marketing: your sales partner in the buyer community, webinars and confrences
  • BME China Ltd: network in & for China, office in Shanghai, sourcing support