ESCE – European Supply Chain Excellence - 26th June 2018 Dresden

Co-located to the 13th European Procurement Excellence Summit

The Supply Chain Management sector is undergoing a major metamorphosis. For a long time the distribution of roles was clear: product development, marketing and production set the tone within most organisations. They defined products and features for market success. Supply Chain optimisation essentially had the function of further optimising cost structures and ensuring delivery capability.

But times are changing radically: in a world where the most important providers of hotel rooms (, HRS, Airbnb) do no longer have their own hotels and the largest providers of mobility services (such as Uber) do no longer have own automobiles, supply services are becoming a core of a product/service.

Those who dominate information streams dominate the market. This is a completely new responsibility for the supply chain sector. Whoever sits in the driver's seat, must also take responsibility for the direction. The pure efficiency logic that has long been the compass for the sector is no longer sufficient.

But how does a supply chain management that is a value driver look like? 

BME’s European Supply Chain Excellence Summit offers a high level platform for European Supply Chain Executives to network and exchange with similarly high ranking peers on value-driving topics with strategic impact for the organisation’s success. 

The European Supply Chain Excellence Summit features strategic direction and key future innovation in an exclusive setting. We ensure exclusiveness by limiting the speaker panel, the audience and exhibitors to a maximum of 100 people and aim for bringing together thought leaders and influencers from best‐in‐class companies in Europe.

Topics to be addressed

  • Supply chain efficiency and competitiveness in light of future developments
  • Achieving a connection between data, processes and people
  • Encourage collaboration between all the business functions involved
  • Leadership and talent development 
  • Current IT systems and IBP
  • Embed climate change and sustainability as part of the supply chain risk-assessment
  • Visibility: tracking & reporting end-to-end goods movement
  • Agility: reacting & responding to changing physical and market conditions
  • Productivity: achieving cost reduction while increasing velocity of goods movement
  • Reliability: delivering as promised
  • New development like block chain, AI, machine learning and other disruptive ideas 

Pre-evening event: 25th June 2018
Summit Day: 26th June 2018

Amongst others, you will meet the following experts:


  • Petra Becker, Vice President of A SCM Supply Network & Supply Chain Risk Management, Continental Automotive GmbH
  • Stelios Dimitriou, Group Supply Chain Strategies Senior Director, Unilever 
  • Tobias Engel, Professor for Supply Chain Management, HNU University of Neu-Ulm
  • Hans Ehm, Lead Principal Supply Chain, Infineon 
  • Michael Janssen, Senior Vice President Supply Chain & Business Development, Klöckner Metals Europe GmbH
  • Harald Emberger, Head of Supply Chain, Beiersdorf 
  • Manfred W. Drescher, Head of Procurement and Supply Management Divisions Assembly Systems and Battery & Testing Solutions, thyssenkrupp System Engineering GmbH
  • Chris Tyas, Global CSCO, Nestlé


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