ESCE 2018 I June 26 2018 I Dresden, Germany

Co-located to the renowned EPE Summit – European Procurement Excellence Summit

Shared Intelligence | Technology | Human Capital | Strategy & Process

There is no doubt that every successful procurement and supply chain leader is up-to-date when it comes to mastering actual challenges in their respective field. True success in future will however be determined to a large extend by smart collaborations within different business functions. A shared intelligence-approach allows gathering, analyzing and disseminating information that underpin smart decision-making on an individual level.

BME’s European Supply Chain Excellence Summit offers a high level platform for European Supply Chain Executives to network and exchange with similarly high ranking peers on value-driving topics with strategic impact for the organisation’s success.

This year we are focusing on the aspect of “Shared intelligence” and have created a new exciting opportunity to share ideas for you. The European Supply Chain Excellence Summit (ESCE) will run parallel to BME’s renowned CPO Executive Summit - European Procurement Excellence Summit. With both Summits under one roof you have the opportunity to think beyond silos, share ideas and develop collaborative solutions between procurement and supply chain functions.

Top benefits

  • Europe’s top CPOs and CSCOs: Europe’s most creative and transformative minds in one place to address the industry’s most complex and rapidly evolving demands
  • Intimacy: Exclusive setting to inspire innovation, fresh thinking, and meaningful interaction amongst peers
  • Unrivaled Networking: Limited amount of participants, small-group sessions and a high-class atmosphere function as the perfect catalyst for building valuable business connections in and outside your regular peer group

Amongst others, you will meet the following experts: 

  • Anita Arts, Managing Director Supply Chain, Liberty Global Operations B.V
  • Petra Becker, Vice President of A SCM Supply Network & Supply Chain Risk Management, Continental Automotive GmbH
  • Michael Janssen, Senior Vice President Supply Chain & Business Development, Klöckner Metals Europe GmbH
  • Tabea Goetz, former Chief Supply Chain Officer, Hagemeyer
  • Martijn Lofvers, Owner, Creating Director & Chief Trendwatcher, Supply Chain Media B.V.
  • Mario Bruggmann, former Director Global Sourcing of Medela Group
  • Hans Ehm, Lead Principal Supply Chain, Infineon 
  • Edwin Tuyn, Managing Director, Inspired Search
  • Klaus Neureuther, Western Europe Manufacturing Vice President at Global Supply Chain, Managing Director JTI Germany GmbH, Japan Tobacco International
  • Dr David M Herold, Sustainability Researcher with a focus on Decarbonising Transport and Entrepreneurial Innovation, Griffith University


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