Fit for Growth - 23rd November 2017 - Bucharest

Fit for Growth - German-South Eastern European Supplier Dialogue

Fit for Growth – German-South Eastern European Supplier Dialogue is the perfect opportunity to strengthen the business relationships between German buyers in various industries and suppliers from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Moldova. The event combines information, know-how transfer, networking and B2B-possibilities. We want to discuss the latest developments in the industry with you and create a platform, enabling suppliers and buyers, to create a sustainable network.

Why participate as a buyer?

  • Find new suppliers according to your demands at individual meeting tables
  • Receive a list of all supplying companies in advance
  • Acquire knowledge on the current market and its developments
  • Expand your network in the region
  • Become a partner of the event and enjoy benefits such as specified
  • Commodity dialogues

Why participate as a supplier?

  • Strengthen the partnership with Stabilus‘ production plants
  • Learn about Stabilus‘ future procurement strategy
  • Be informed about the developments in procurement of further buying companies
  • Discuss current Stabilus‘ demands with the lead buyers in individual B2B meetings
  • Get in contact with potential new business partners – buyers from further companies
  • Meet all other participating buyers at individual Meet and Greet tables
  • Enlarge your business network in the region

We would be glad to welcome you to this event on the 23rd November 2017 | RIN GRAND Hotel Bucharest | Romania and to the evening reception 22nd November 2017 at the same location.



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