Fit for Growth - 23rd November 2017 - Bucharest


For buyers the conference offers the following benefits:

Sourcing workshop about the economic region Romania
Economic region Romania – get a clear vision of the market potential
Workshop organised by the AHK Romania about opportunities and perspectives in the region.
Ruxandra Dumitrescu, Manager Market Entry & Business Development Services, German-Romanian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

List of all participating suppliers
A list of all participating suppliers from the region is sent out to all participating buyers. If you inform us about your demands by 13 October 2017 we will search the suppliers based on your demands. Ask us to send you a registration sheet via email: anke.imelmann(at)

Individual meeting tables
In the afternoon you have the opportunity to meet suppliers from Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Moldova at your individual meeting table. The suppliers receive information about your demands in advance and can then address you directly, in an informal setting without any time limitation or schedule.

High level networking
The registration to the conference includes the participation at the evening event and at the event itself. Use this opportunity to meet procurement colleagues, speakers and suppliers apart from the settled agenda and add new contacts to your global network.



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