Fit for Growth - 23rd November 2017 - Bucharest


For suppliers the conference offers the following benefits:

Get informed about future procurement
In the morning buyers from Stabilus and further companies inform about future requirements and trends. Learn how to obtain competitive advantages in the areas of quality, logistics, strategy, processes, IT and integration. Buyers from different industries look forward to discussing these topics with you.

Commodity dialogues with Stabilus
Discuss special requirements and needs in different commodities with the lead buyers from Stabilus. Please indicate with your registration, which commodity dialogue you would like to join:

  • Plastics & Rubber: For companies producing injection molding parts (tubes and bushings) and rubber components (grommets and sealing parts) in various materials, like NBR and NR. Requirements: Certification ISO 9001
  • Metal & coating services: Focus within the commodity are sheet metal work like stamping parts, springs, turned parts and die cast parts. We are looking for partners with a variety of capacities and specifications.
    Requirements: Certification ISO 9001
  • Electronics: The workshop will generally cover DC motors or other regular electronical building groups (i.e. wiring harness, PCBA’s, ECU’s and Anti-Pitch-Strips). For cable and cable protection parts please attend the specialised workshop (see below).
    Requirements: Certification ISO 9001
  • Equipment: Your company produces automated production lines or turned and milled parts according to the specification? Or does your company have experience in the field of automated electric production lines? Feel free to join this workshop led by Stabilus to support our production with your capacity and knowledge.
  • C-parts/catalogue parts: You are a supplier that can deliver most C-Parts like screws, bolts, nuts, springs, fittings, and catalog parts ‎from‎ Rexroth/Festo/Siemens‎... Feel free to join this workshop led by Stabilus to get more information.

Individual meetings with lead buyers from Stabilus
Strengthen the relations to the Stabilus' production plant in Romania and discuss with the lead buyers of the different commodities how you can extend your cooperation or become part of the supplying network of Stabilus.

Individual meetings with further buyers
At the event you do not only have the opportunity for scheduled individual meetings with buyers from Stabilus, you can also meet buyers from further buyers from participating companies at individual meeting tables, without any need to arrange a meeting in advance. In the afternoon all buyers are waiting to discuss their specific demands with you.
Ask us to send you a list of all participating buyers: diane.djongoue(at)

High-level networking
The registration to the conference includes the participation at the evening event and at the event itself. Use this opportunity to meet procurement experts, speakers and colleagues apart from the settled agenda and add new contacts to your global network.



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