Prominent companies agree on a catalog norm for eCommerce

The “Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.V.” (BME), Frankfurt a.M., has started an initiative to develop a standard for electronic data transfer for product cataloges, which notable companies have taken part in with great commitment. The companies listed here are initators and sponsors of BMEcat.

The Version 1.0 of the standard named “BMEcat” has been adopted in November 1999 in Frankfurt. The technical development has been executed by the “Frauenhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO”, Stuttgart and the Universities of Duisburg-Essen BLI and Linz.

With the Version 1.2, which has been introduced during the CeBit 2001 in Hannover, the BMEcat established itself as the de facto standard for the exchange of electronic product cataloges.

At the moment the BMEcat Version “2005 final draf” is available for Public Review. At this stage the new version should be scrutinized in practice and possible errors should be identified. BMEcat 2005 opens up further branches and product categories for the electronic exchange of product information.

All partners in the eBusiness (suppliers, purchasing companies and marketplaces) exchange more and more amount of data and because of the many different formats of Data exchange programs they already have reached the limites here. The use of BMEcat reduces the expenses of all participating companies considerably, because it is possible to resort to standard interfaces and the bilateral adjustments are being minimized.

BMEcat provides a basis for a simple adoption of catalog data from many different formats and particularly provides the requirements to promote the Internet goods traffic among companies in Germany. The XML-based standard BMEcat has succesfully been realized in a multiplicity of projects. Many companies are using BMEcat today and exchange their product catalogues in the established standard BMEcat. The presence on the market of BMEcat is supported by purchasing companies, suppliers, service providers, software companies, marketplaces, technology suppliers and by experts – click here for a list of the companies involved.

BMEcat so far has its widest spreading in the German-speaking region, but given the new version and the powerful support of many different organisations and institues there is a good chance that a worldwide use could be developed and that the standard thereby could be further established.


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