BME- Supplier Compliance Audits

In addition to numerous consulting services on the subject of compliance, the BME also offers its member companies advice on the design and implementation of sup-plier compliance audits via the BME Competence Center.

Objective or motivation of a supplier compliance aud

  • Verification of compliance with or implementation of contractual obligations of the supplier with regard to compliance, e.g. contents of the BME Code of Conduct, e

  • Strengthening the supplier relationship

  • Supporting the supplier in setting up and implementing suitable compliance measures (to implement the requirements of the BME Code of Conduct)

  • Implementation of compliance requirements in your own supply chain.

The effort involved in implementing supplier compliance audits does not have to be great. The BME Competence Center and its cooperation partners have the necessary experience and the right methods to develop appropriate solutions for interested member companies.

 As BME Competence Center, we would be happy to submit an individual proposal for the implementation of a supplier compliance audit.


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