GermanQualitySourcing - The global initiative and services

Global markets pose a major challenge for purchasing organisations working on an international level. Selecting the best providers from the vast abundance of potential suppliers is a risky, time-consuming and cost-intensive process. Companies that want to position their ranges of products and services in international sales markets have to credibly convince potential customers of their serious approach and high-quality performance.

With its initiative “GERMANQualitySourcing”, the BME the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Logistics, has addressed this problem as requested by its member companies. The aim of the initiative is to bring together buyers and international companies working at a high level.

GERMANQualitySourcing promotes market transparency, establishes trust and supports business processes in the fields of purchasing and sales and marketing.

German Quality Sourcing includes:

• Delegations to global procurement markets
• Supervision of international delegations in Germany
• Cooperation with national and international ministries and organisations
• Market entry Germany: advice & support of international partners
• Global sourcing: market informations, assistance in the search for suppliers (with  partners), qualification ...
• Seminars in international markets
• Matchmakings, etc.

... and in collaboration with the BME Shanghai Co. Ltd.. comprehensive market informations and services in China and Asia.

Open for partners: the initiative of the BME can also be used by platforms or service providers.

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