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08/30 2018 // International
Russian Purchasing Initiative is speeding up

Russian Purchasing Initiative brings together strong partners: In St. Petersburg, East Committee, BME and AHK Russia signed with the Russian Export Center a letter of intent. More...

05/24 2018 // International
Public purchasing: BME wins EU funding project

BME has won the EU funding project “Procure2Innovate”. The aim of the initiative, which is funded by the EU Commission and limited to four years, is to link new and already existing competence centres for public procurement in Europe. More …

05/24 2018 // International
BME: "The first ‘Meet Italy’s Best’ Sourcing Day was a great success."

In the capital of Lombardy, the Buyers' Association and AHK Milan offered a platform for B2B talks for two days between German industrial companies and Italian suppliers. The "very good pre-selection" was well praised by the participating German industrial companies. More ...

05/24 2018 // International
Czech Republic: The “Czexit” discussion worries companies

A survey by the German-Czech Chamber of Commerce revealed that around one in three companies could shift investments. Eight out of ten companies are worried about the discussion about a “Czexit”, the Czech Republic leaving the EU. More ...

05/24 2018 // International
BME Morocco program – discover the hub of the automotive industry with us

The BME has launched a new program in order to discover the sourcing potential of the Moroccan market. Thanks to continuously high growth rates, low inflation, very low labor costs, well-trained workers and the best infrastructure in Africa (The Global Competitiveness Report 2017/2018) ...more.

05/24 2018 // International // Advertorial
Responsible Banking for SMEs in South Eastern and Eastern Europe

ProCredit is a development-oriented commercial group of banks operating in 13 countries in South Eastern and Eastern Europe and South America – as well as a bank in Germany. We place a regional focus on South Eastern and Eastern Europe with ProCredit banks in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria...more.

03/12 2018 // Advertorial
Smart Services for Smart Manufacturing

The Leadec is one of the leading Providers of technical services for the manufacturing industry headquar-
tered in Stuttgart, Germany. Efficient processes and exceptional service are our passion, and our Goal is to give our customers a competitive edge. We have had experience in industrial Services, ... more.

12/07 2017 // International
4th CEE-Forum: Finding your right partners

The BME conference took place on 26 Oct with around 200 participants. Selected suppliers from the CEE region and German buyers exchanged views during matchmaking. The format achieved a record number of participating buyers from German companies. More...

12/07 2017 // International
9. BME-eLÖSUNGSTAGE, 13 – 14 March 2018 Düsseldorf, Germany

The 9th BME-eLÖSUNGSTAGE conference offers a variety of expert presentations, workshops and roundtables which focus on the importance of e-solutions and IT systems for increased organisational effectiveness. Main topics: Digital Transformation ● Source to Contract  More...

12/07 2017 // International
13th EPE 2018 - European Procurement Excellence, 25 - 26 June 2018 Dresden, Germany

The European Procurement Excellence Conference (EPE) is one of the leading events for European Procurement Executives and an ideal platform for networking and discussing current and future challenges. The congress will offer inspiring keynotes, interactive breakout sessions More...

12/07 2017 // International
ESCE 2018 - European Supply Chain Excellence Summit, 25 – 26 June 2018 Dresden, Germany

The Supply Chain Management sector is undergoing a major metamorphosis. The transformation happening right now leads to new responsibilities for supply chain executives and is associated with plenty of opportunities.  More...

12/07 2017 // International
The 53rd BME Symposium on Purchasing and Logistics will take place in Berlin November 2018

Take part in 2018 and profit from the largest purchasing and logistics networking event with BME. You will leave with both future-oriented inspiration, as well as proven best practices, and you will also extend your own network in the procurement community with colleagues More …

12/07 2017 // International
BME Key Performance lndicators in Procurement

For more than ten years now, BME has been setting standards to measure the performance and quality of procurement with its TOP Key Performance Indicators in Procurement (KPIs). 25 KPIs on structure, quality and costs enable decision-makers to acquire a realistic assessment of their own performance and provide a substantiated basis for future-oriented procurement strategies. More…

12/07 2017 // International
OpusCapita awarded with the BMEnet seal of quality "Supplier Relationship Management”

BMEnet GmbH has awarded the OpusCapita Software GmbH solution "OpusCapita eProcurement" with the seal of approval "Supplier Relationship Management".
With the purchase of the former jCatalog Software AG in 2016, OpusCapita has  More...

12/07 2017 // International
Expertist awarded with BMEnet seal "Online Marketplace for Expert Services"

BMEnet GmbH has awarded the expertist-platform of Expertist Vertriebs GmbH the seal of approval "Online Marketplace for Expert Services".
At, companies can find qualified professionals, such as business consultants, IT consultants, and interim managers for  More...

09/21 2017 // International
CEE Forum: Supplier search is running at high speed

After the successful matchmaking rounds of previous years, the 4th CEE Procurement & Supply Forum will take place in Prague on 26 October. At the top event, selected suppliers from the CEE region will meet German buyers. More...

09/21 2017 // International
BME Service “Law, Compliance & Conflict Management”
Expansion of the service for BME member companies

BME has significantly expanded its resources for consulting member companies in the areas of "Service Law, Compliance & Conflict Management". Member companies benefit from the know-how of the BME Competence Centre. More...

09/21 2017 // International 
52nd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics, 8-10 Nov 2017, Berlin

The 52nd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics is your platform to share and gain actionable insights and to discuss success strategies with your peers related to procurement and supply chain management. More...

Procurement potential still far from being fully exploited
Thanks to professional management, high productivity gains can be achieved in Bulgaria

Carmen Struck, AHK Sofia: "Thanks to professional management, high productivity gains can be achieved in Bulgaria". More...

Young Professionals Specials at the BME-Symposium 8-10 Nov 2017, berlin 
 Form your own procurement and SCM network!

With its Young Professionals Initiative, BME aims to give targeted support and to pro­mote young talent. Network with us! The focus of the Business Speed Dating on 8 Nov 2017, 13:00-13:45, is to interchange and mingle with as many students and young professionals as possible. More...

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