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BME Key Performance lndicators in Procurement

BME Key Performance Indicators in Procurement
Best in class 2017

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Increasing efficiency is certainly a priority in various departments, but it is especially important in procurement.

Procurement efficiency has a direct impact on a company’s success, success, as the controllable cost components here often account for more than half of the total costs.

But how do you increase efficiency in procurement? What does procurement efficiency mean for your company and in your industry? And where can optimisation potential be found?

For more than ten years now, BME has been setting standards for measuring the performance and quality of procurement with its TOP Key Performance Indicators in Procurement (KPIs). 25 KPIs on structure, quality and costs enable decision-makers to acquire a realistic assessment of their own performance and provide a substantiated basis for future-oriented procurement strategies.

The participating companies provide internal data to participate in one of the largest benchmarking analyses of processes and costs in procurement, including both DAX 30 companies and SMEs.

Here, the participants are divided into five industrial sectors and five revenue classes. A comparison with a realistic peer group enables you to objectively determine your position. By identifying suitable parameters, your own procurement strategy can be adapted as needed.

The ten-year history of the BME TOP Key Performance Indicators in Procurement suggests that many companies have unused potential for optimisation when it comes to implementing a professional procurement strategy. More than half of all buyers are still attached to the operating business.

However, the BME TOP Key Performance Indicators in Procurement also confirm that most companies have undergone change and have achieved progress: many procurement departments have been able to ensure transparency in their cost structures and processes through the analysis - with the result that the most important KPIs have developed positively.

In 2017, we were again able to attract numerous participants from the various industrial sectors and turnover categories and offer the “BME TOP Key Performance Indicators in Procurement – best in class”, now also in English. Derive best practice examples from the most successful procurement organisations to adjust your own strategy accordingly.

The top metrics include:

- 25 KPIs on structure, quality, savings, methods, processes and costs

- KPIs for audit and supplier evaluation

- Early involvement and cost avoidance

- Detailed glossary with definitions and calculation formulae

- Comments and technical contributions of BME procurement experts

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