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BME-Top Key Performance Indicators In Purchasing: Start of the survey!
02/22 2019 // International

BME-Top Key Performance Indicators In Purchasing: Start of the survey!

Participants in the survey receive a 50 percent discount on the results of the survey. In addition, participants will be able to select a free one-off edition of the three most recent BME-Market Information editions (IHS Markit / BME Purchasing Manager Index, Commodities or Freights).

For the 13th time, BME has raised the key figures for measuring efficiency and effectiveness in purchasing. A total of 25 key figures on quality, structure, processes and costs etc. are evaluated. They allow a comparison to be made with companies of a similar industry group or sales size and thus allow for an evaluation of your own purchasing performance.

For the third time, key figures in the degree of digitization in purchasing will be evaluated this year. In addition, in the special section "Strategic Purchasing / Material Group Management", BME analyses to what extent certain methods and tools can increase the effectiveness and efficiency of purchasing.
How do you participate?

Below you will find the questionnaires as well as an excerpt of the study BME-Top Key Performance Indicators In Purchasing 2018 with an overview of all key figures and sample evaluations. As a respondent, you will receive a 50 percent discount on the results. Please return the completed sheets to BME by 15 March 2019.

Questions? Your contact persons are:

Andreas Hermann
Head of Benchmark Services
Tel.: 06196 / 5828-207
Fax: 06196 / 5828-583
Email: andreas.hermann(at)

Christian Ley
Project Manager Benchmark Services
Tel.: 06196 / 5828-312
Fax: 06196 / 5828-199
Email: christian.ley(at)

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