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Responsible Banking for SMEs in South Eastern and Eastern Europe
05/24 2018 // Advertorial

Responsible Banking for SMEs in South Eastern and Eastern Europe
ProCredit banks to be present at 4th Western Balkans Purchasing Initiative on 19 June 2018 in Frankfurt

ProCredit Bank Kosovo (HQ Pristina)
Photo © ProCredit Holding

ProCredit Bank Bosnia’s client Cromex (Prijedor, Bosnia) Photo © ProCredit Holding

ProCredit is a development-oriented commercial group of banks operating in 13 countries in South Eastern and Eastern Europe and South America – as well as a bank in Germany. The group’s parent company, ProCredit Holding, is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany. Our objective is to provide transparent, efficient and straight-forward financial services tailored to the needs of growing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in transition economies. ProCredit banks strive to support economic growth underpinned by social, ethical and environmental considerations. The core shareholders of ProCredit Holding are Zeitinger Invest, KfW, Doen, IFC and ProCredit Staff Invest.

We place a regional focus on South Eastern and Eastern Europe with ProCredit banks in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria (including branch operations in Greece), Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. A functioning and fair financial system that enables SMEs to invest and expand is the key to economic and social development. Our very lean business model is laser-focused on supporting these types of businesses, as we consider SMEs to be the backbone of any economy and therefore, the most crucial businesses from a development point of view. Through our work, we also aim to encourage investments in innovation and ecological projects. We focus on innovative, formalised companies that display dynamic growth and stability.

In our countries of operation and in our capacity as the Hausbank for SMEs, we strive to be the leading partner for these businesses. The services we offer our clients not only include account services such as e-Banking, bank cards and national/ international payments, but also include the provision of professional advice on liquidity management, accounting, and reporting. Additional services available include payroll services, documentary business and trade finance - in addition to savings and personal banking services for the family unit.

In short, our business strategy is based on long-term relationships with our clients, a prudent approach to managing risk, a high degree of diversification as well as the careful selection and ongoing training of our staff. Our approach to recruitment focuses on attracting individuals who are open, willing to learn, and committed to our values.

The ProCredit bank in Germany carries out the group's treasury function and serves as the clearing partner for the other ProCredit banks. Furthermore, ProCredit Bank Germany plays an active role in the trade finance business of the group and streamlines international payments.

Given our strong regional focus, it comes as no surprise that our banks in South Eastern Europe (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia) represent our largest segment, accounting for 70% of the group’s total loan portfolio.

Therefore, we are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our expertise and services at the BME’s 4th Western Balkans Purchasing Initiative at the IHK Frankfurt on 19 June 2018. Building bridges between buyers from German industrial companies and suppliers from the Western Balkans is at the heart of our business strategy. At the ProCredit stand, visitors can meet representatives from our banks in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, as well as from the ProCredit bank in Germany. ProCredit Holding acts as the event’s main partner.

ProCredit Holding AG & Co. KGaA
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Dörte Jahn
Group Communications
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