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Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit with record participation
15/10 2018 // International

2nd Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit with record participation

Around 250 German / European buyers, logistics and supply chain managers, as well as 150 Chinese company representatives attended the 2nd Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit in Chengdu, ensuring a record attendance.  

Lectures from the industry and a panel discussion enthused participants of the 2nd Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit in Chengdu. Foto: Riccardo Kurto/BME

BME is continuously expanding its activities in China. Around 250 German and European buyers, logistics and supply chain managers and 150 Chinese representatives participated in the 2nd Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit in Chengdu. "We were able to increase the number of participants by about 140 in comparison with the inaugural event in September 2017. Once again, our association has justified its function as a bridge builder to the procurement market in China", said Riccardo Kurto, China Representative of the German Association for Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics (BME), after the successful two-day trade event (19-20 July).

Among the participants were notable German and European companies, including Schaeffler, Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Airbus and Reyher. The motto of this year’s 2nd Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit was "Belt & Road Initiative: Connecting Procurement and Smart Manufacturing across the Supply Chain".

Together with the Institute for Automation and Industrial Technology (IAIT), the BME has successfully launched this event concept 2017. "The increased number of participants at this year's congress increased the demand on the Chinese market and the synergy of cooperation between the IAIT and the BME in China", said Thomas Nolting, President of the IAIT.

The central summit topic, "The New Silk Road", was discussed intensively, according to the organiser. "The One-Belt-One-Road initiative is a superlative project coordinated by the central government in Beijing: China is investing billions of dollars to set up several economic and trade corridors by land and sea between China and Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, Central Asia and Southeast Asia. This should primarily push on the economic development of the Western China", explained Kurto. The expansion of the railway line from China via Central Asia to Europe, along the old trade routes of the historic Silk Road, is just one example of the Chinese government's ambitious plans. This will primarily push on development in the west of the country, since "we have had strong partners with the government organisations in Chengdu", added Kurto.

The congress provided participants with first-hand practical business information about the Belt and Road Initiative. "Furthermore, German and European companies were able to get to know the region and get in touch with Chinese company representatives. The Summit has created many network opportunities in a region with great development potential", continued Kurto.

The feedback from the Chinese partners, especially from government organisations, has been "entirely positive. Chinese partners are interested in intensifying cooperation with BME. The Chengdu region wants to open Pujiang to German companies and recommend it as a procurement market", added Kurto.

BME Federal Board Member Matthias Gramolla referred in his opening speech to the current transformation process in China. The largest economy in Asia is developing into a leading producer of high-tech products and innovations. This continues to gain importance also for German purchases, which, according to Gramolla, "often account for more than half of a company's value chain".

"This year's Summit was very professionally organised. The participants felt the high motivation of the organisers and government organisations", said Thomas Haug, Managing Director of Reyher Asia Pacific Co. Ltd., Shanghai.

The participants of the 2nd Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit also took part in a guided tour of the Chengdu International Modern Technology Expo. Around 300 Chinese exhibiting companies presented their products and services at the Industrial Suppliers Fair. Another part of the programme was a visit to the Bosch factory in the Sino-German Industrial Park in Chengdu. "The factory produces, among other things, drilling and grinding machines as well as cordless screwdrivers for the local market and for export. The Bosch factory was one of the first companies to arrive in the Sino-German Industrial Park in Chengdu and therefore has an exemplary function", said Kurto.

Save the Date: The 3rd Sino-German Procurement 4.0 Summit will take place in September 2019 in Chengdu.

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