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Political relations

As one of the largest purchasing associations in Europe, the BME is a sought-after partner of politics.

We function as a bridge to synchronise the purchasing interests between German organisations and politicians as well as between international markets and institutions. The influence of purchasing on the foreign trade balance of the Federal Republic of Germany is significant; the volume of purchased goods and services by BME members amounts to an estimated 1.25 trillion Euro annually. This amounts to approximately half of Germany’s GDP.

In order to support the interests of our members effectively, we maintain close contact with political institutions locally and abroad. The technical competence of our specialised industry groups and expert bodies, as well as leading indicators like the BME/Markit Purchasing Manager Index (PMI), give us valuable insights and entry points for political action. Through his know-how, the BME generates operational access points for its members.

We maintain good relationships with the following institutions:

  •   Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy
  •   Federal Foreign Office
  •   European Commission
  •   Embassies and Economic Departments
  •   Cooperation counsels of the Federal Government

Examples of past projects include:

  •    Business day of the Ambassador conference from the foreign office 
  •    Delegation trips organised by the Ministries and the government Chancellor
  •    Support for KOINNO project

OSCE Conference 2016.

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