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BME certification innovative purchasing
15/05 2021 // International

BME Certification Innovative Procurement


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Average values by industry and sales class are available as of August this year.

How innovative is your procurement?
With the new BME certification "Innovative Procurement", companies have the opportunity to check the innovation orientation of their procurement and have it evaluated. The entry into the certification consists of a self-audit in the form of a standardized and guided online questionnaire. In a total of seven different sub-areas, an assessment is made of how innovative the procurement organization already is. Among other things, the certification looks at objectives and strategies, the level of digitization in procurement, and the tools and methods used. Each participant receives an individual evaluation that shows the overall score achieved as well as the performance in the individual sub-areas. Upon successful completion of the self-audit, participants receive an award in the form of a certificate.

Participation in the certification is possible at any time. After registration and activation by the BME, participants can start answering the questionnaire. The results report is sent out a few days after participation. In addition to the individual evaluations, average values are calculated by industry and sales class. This data can be ordered as an option for all participants and will be available from August.

The second stage of certification is aimed at those who want to delve even deeper into the analysis. In a joint workshop - accompanied by the BME - future fields of action are identified and prioritized.

Stage 1

  • Self-audit incl. individual evaluation (total, per area, maximum points achieved): 250,00 Euro
  • Self-audit incl. individual evaluation + average/best values (your values compared to all participants, in industry group and sales class, with best values): 995,00 Euro

Step 2

  • On-site innovation workshop: 990,00 Euro
  • For the development of relevant fields of action/optimization potentials

Your advantages

  • Neutral validation of the innovation orientation of your procurement organization
  • Individual evaluation
  • Better assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of fields of action for innovative procurement
  • Recognition of your successes in the area of innovative procurement
  • Comparison of your own organization with reference groups
  • Increased reputation of your purchasing department within the company

Do you have questions about the BME certification of innovative procurement?

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