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BME wins Maghreb purchasing initiative
01/12 2020 // International

BME wins Maghreb purchasing initiative

Alongside other countries in the Maghreb zone, Morocco (in the picture Marrakech - the economic centre in the western part of the country) in particular enjoys the reputation among German buyers as the procurement market of the future. Photo:

On 24 November 2020, German buyers will be brought together for the first time in Dortmund with suppliers from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

Following the successful implementation of the Western Balkans purchasing initiative, BME is now conducting its first Northern Africa Purchasing Initiative. "The event for this will take place on the 24th of November 2020 in Dortmund bringing together German buyers and Moroccan, Tunisian and Algerian suppliers.", announced Olaf Holzgrefe, Head of International & Affairs of BME, in Eschborn.

The initiative is part of the market development programme for SMEs by the Federal Ministry of Economics (BMWi). The BME and its partners – the AHKs from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria, the IHK Dortmund and the Euro-Mediterranean-Arabic Countries Association (EMA e.V.) – applied for the tender. “This provides us a strong supporting network in the region” explained Holzgrefe.

As an initial step, buyers interested in sourcing in the Northern African region can complete the RFI informing the BME about their purchasing needs without any commitment. The BME with its partners will then search for suitable suppliers. Once the supplier search is complete, buyers can decide in an evaluation process, with whom they would like to speak at the event and register for participation. Only selected suppliers will be invited to attend. In the sense of a reverse fair, buyers are provided with a table, to which suppliers will come for pre-arranged meetings. Holzgrefe adds: "This process combines purchasing interests and market opportunities in an optimal way and enables the German participants to screen the Maghreb states efficiently and in a demand-oriented manner".

Suppliers and buyer from the following sectors and industries are invited to attend this event: metals/metal products, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering/electronics, chemicals, plastics/rubber, paper/wood/packaging materials, glass, technical textiles, technical and IT services, as well as design and logistics services. Exceptions are agricultural and food products, the energy sector, mining and the raw materials industry.

Participation for suppliers and buyers in the event is by invitation from BMWi/BME/AHK/IHK and is free of charge. Preparatory seminars for suppliers in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia will take place between 30 March and 3 April 2020.

Interest in the event should be addressed to:

Lisa Immensack
Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), Eschborn, Germany
Phone: +49 6196 5828-345
E-mail: lisa.immensack(at)


Dowload here the RFI (Excel), to inform the BME about your purchasing needs. 


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