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Comarch EDI Portal awarded BMEnet seal Supplier Relationship Management
05/15 2021 // International

Comarch EDI Portal awarded with the BMEnet seal of quality "Supplier Relationship Management”

Photo: BME e.V.

BMEnet GmbH has awarded the Comarch AG solution EDI Portal (Comarch Classic EDI, Comarch WebEDI, Comarch EDI Tracker, Comarch EDI Archive) with the seal of approval "Supplier Relationship Management".

The EDI solution is used for digital supplier connection, with which clients, large as well as medium-sized and small suppliers, can receive, create and send business documents of all types, such as purchase orders, invoices or delivery bills.

For each type of business partner, depending on size, technical status and number of exchanged documents, Comarch offers a solution to successfully digitize all business documents.

Classic EDI (or EDI direct integration) is a direct invisible integration of two IT systems. Basically, the supplier sends a document directly from his IT system to the customer's IT system and vice versa via interfaces. The connection can be made visible via a dedicated interface (EDI portal / supplier portal / customer portal).
Use case: The relevant business partners can support EDI connections and generally have a high level of technical maturity. This option is recommended for business partners with whom you exchange many documents.

WebEDI is an EDI platform interface that can be used to receive, create, and send documents similar to a post office box.
Use Case: These business partners either have a small amount of documents to exchange with you, making EDI direct integration not worthwhile, or have a low technical level that makes interfacing impossible, or are just not capable of setting up an EDI direct connection for other reasons.

Apps: Not all employees sit at their desks. That is why Comarch offers app solutions for numerous use cases, to view and create digital documents.
Use case: The apps can be used by your own employees, logistics partners, suppliers or your customers.

Tracker: Basically, status information, error notifications and logs can be sent as a report, to customers' IT system, to a ticket system or viewed via a Comarch interface, the Tracker.

Archive: The EDI archive stores electronic documents in an audit-proof manner, depending on the country, in accordance with local legally required deadlines and specifications or, at the customer's request, over a longer period of time.

Further processes prior to document receipt can be automated through numerous technical checks. All documents and data processed on the EDI platform can also be enriched with data from integrated IT systems. For example, based on business rules or integrations, cost centers can be added to invoices and/or structured posting proposals from your accounting systems can be created and sent.

The following advantages arise for both purchasers and suppliers:

  • Support for all document types
  • Document search and document status in real time
  • Turnaround function → speed and error minimization
  • Easy on-boarding via registration link
  • Numerous interface languages
  • Self-explanatory operation
  • Improved supplier relationship

About Comarch
Comarch is a global software company founded in 1993 and a provider of innovative IT products and services. More than 6,500 Comarch employees are working for our customers in 34 countries.

The portfolio includes e.g. business software for large and mid-sized companies (eProcurement solutions, EDI & E-Invoicing, Master Data Management, Electronic Document Exchange and Management, BI, ERP, IOT, Finance, Loyalty). Comarch also provides comprehensive solutions in areas such as healthcare, telecommunications, banking and insurance. In 2019, Comarch achived sales of more than 334 million euros. Every year we invest heavily in research and development. Comarch has twelve locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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