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Industrial outsourcing partners in Aragon, Spain
04/14 2020 // International

Industrial outsourcing partners in Aragon, Spain

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Aragon is one of the 19 autonomous communities in the Spanish territory, occupying a key location in Northeast Spain as a bridge and fundamental logistics center in the triangle formed by the central area (Madrid), the Mediterranean coast (Barcelona and Valencia) and the Cantabrian area (Bilbao).

This 350 km. radius, in which Zaragoza (capital city of Aragón) is the center, is key for the Spanish Economy as it entails 70% of the national GDP and a population of more than 25 million inhabitants.

Aragón is a highly industrialized territory in which leading companies have created different business sectors of great relevance such as:

- Automotive: The existence of an OPEL PSA plant in Figueruelas (Zaragoza), as well as the Mercedes, Volkswagen, Nissan, Citroën, Renault and Ford factories in the bordering provinces have generated a network of more than 200 qualified suppliers to fulfill the needs in this sector. Manufacturing more than 3 million vehicles, Spain is the second largest European producer after Germany. 

- Household appliances: BSH is fundamental in the region exerting influence with 3 production plants, a Spanish headquarters, a customer service center and a corporate logistics center. 

Elevation: The region manufactures more than 10% of the national production of elevation components and hosts the National Association of Lift Components (AECAE).         

- Rail and aeronautics: CAF covers the railways sector with a production plant generating 1000 jobs in the region. Despite not hosting TIER 1 producers in the aeronautical sector,  Aragon has a strong production of electronic components, composites and tools grouped around the Aerospace Cluster.

The industrial ecosystem marked by the above-mentioned sectors means that there is a strong manufacturing business environment conformed by more than 250 companies local and foreign multinational based in the region, with relevant experience and reliable outsourcing capacities. Machining, boiler making, welding, casting, surface treatments, stamping, molding or foam and plastic injection can be named, as some of the existing capabilities present in the Aragonese companies, among others.

The Regional Government has a strong commitment to promote its industrial base, both in the area of ​​exports support and search for international contractors as well as the attraction of foreign investments, through the work of Aragón Exterior (AREX).  Moreover, the existence of different technological development centers specialized in the development of R&D, Itainnova or AITIIP, and the University of Zaragoza with 27,000 students,  out of which 5,700 study engineering, complete an enormously attractive environment for any company that wishes to develop a long-term production relationship in the region.

Aragón is one of the most interesting locations for German companies that want to look for industrial outsourcing partners in Spain. Adding an excellent quality of life, where its capital maintains a population of 700,000 people and a regional GDP per capita that occupies the 5th place in Spain. Keeping in mind the ability to travel to the great nodes of Spain, Madrid and Barcelona, located an hour`s journey via high-speed train.


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