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Looking for high-profile suppliers? Meet Slovenias Best!
15/05 2021 // International


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If you are looking for a resilient business partner, choosing Slovenia could be the best decision you will ever make. Slovenia is strategically located in the heart of Europe within the Schengen Area, has a highly skilled workforce, R&D capabilities, and a high level of stability.

Slovenian suppliers are characterized by their reliability, and punctuality, with a strong emphasis on the corporate culture of transparency, accountability, and observance of international technical, and ethical standards. In addition, Slovenia has all the attributes needed to do business with Germany: export-oriented companies, knowledge of the language, and culture, as well as personal connections.

The flagship industries in Slovenia include automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, electrical and electronics, machining and metalworking, woodworking, and fast-growing ICT and hospitality industries.

Automotive and automotive supply

The automotive and automotive supply industry has been traditionally the leading industry in Slovenia after its independence. Around 20% of Slovenian exports and 10% of the country’s GDP come from this industry. The country’s biggest advantage: Slovenian automotive suppliers and engineering firms have a reputation of suitable partners. They handle calculation and simulation work, electrical and electronic development tasks, and detail design engineering tasks such as sample and prototype construction. Other key advantages include off-shoring engineering tasks which allow car manufacturers to reduce development-related costs.

Chemicals and pharmaceuticals

Slovenia’s manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and chemical products are the country’s most successful companies thanks to a long tradition of the chemical industry in this part of Europe dating back to the first half of the 19th century when soap, paints, spirit, and various chemicals were produced. This industry is export-oriented, yearly makes a total income of around 2 billion euros and about 200 million euros in profits.

Electrical and electronics

Slovenia's electrical and electronics companies successfully compete in the global market, offering a wide range of products. Educated workforce, continuing R&D investments, intelligence to spot a market niche, and a long track record of staff and managers in the industry all attest how local companies have been meeting demanding international standards and have won the most discerning buyers.

Machining and metalworking

As an economically viable industrial sector, Slovenia's mechanical engineering and metalworking industry is a hope for the future, as many manufacturers have opted for efficient technology processes and environmentally friendly technology. With an export volume of 9.3 billion euros in 2019, the sector generated over 25% of all Slovenian exports. The EU Member States remain Slovenia's largest market and, thanks to decades of fostering economic ties with its neighbours, Slovenia continues to trade well with the markets in the region.

How to find the best suppliers?

This is where the German-Slovene Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Slowenien) comes into play. With an extensive range of services, we are always looking to help companies find the best suppliers according to their needs. Our assistance includes:

  • The open-access AHK Slowenien Supplier Portal with more than 40 reliable suppliers. In cooperation with BME Opensourcing, we established a regularly updated list, where you can find the leading Slovenian companies from various fields, along with basic financial and contact data.
  • Business Partner Search – we conduct market researches and identify potential business partners in Slovenia according to your criteria. Our team offers full support – from establishing initial contact to meeting organization and assistance.
  • Sometimes, one only needs a couple of contacts or addresses. Therefore, Contact Research can be the perfect solution. We will use our resourceful and reliable databases to find the best contact persons for you, quickly and effectively.

Our team of bilingual experts is always happy to advise you comprehensively, competently, and individually on the possibilities of market entry for your company!

German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Slowenien)
Katja Stadler
Geschäftsführerin Deslo – AHK, poslovne storitve d.o.o.
E: katja.stadler(at)
T: +386 1 252 88 57 

German-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AHK Slowenien)
Katja Stadler
Managing Director

Deslo – AHK, poslovne storitve d.o.o.
E: katja.stadler(at)
T: +386 1 252 88 57 


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