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South-East Asia: New BME purchasing initiative
09/06 2021 // International

South-East Asia: BME organises new purchasing initiative in 2021/2022


The South-East Asia Purchasing Initiative offers BME members and buyers lucrative options - sign up!

Purchasing Initiative South-East Asia is in the Horizon, on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy the BME is carrying out the third Purchasing Initiative of the successful B2B matchmaking series. "With South-East Asia, the purchasing initiative is entering an exciting procurement region at the right time." informs Olaf Holzgrefe, Head of International at the BME. "With the countries Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia, we are creating further, effective access to global procurement markets together with the local Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK).  

 The BME together with its partners, the Chambers of Commerce Abroad and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, will look for and find suppliers in the fields of mechanical engineering, metal, castings, plastics and welded constructions for German companies in the participating countries and bring them together with German buyers in B2B meetings."

The highlight of the initiative will be the qualified B2B in March 2022, before which the BME will work together with the AHKs to select suppliers in on-site or online seminars and provide information and preparation in upstream seminars. "Especially now, when supply chains are under enormous stress and buyers are complaining about supply bottlenecks, the step taken by the BMWI, BME and AHK in the direction of South-East Asia is a logical offer," says Olaf Holzgrefe. "South-East Asia is developing dynamically. Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand offer exciting options. Many German companies are already active there but there are still undiscovered options that we would like to uncover together with our partners."

BME members and buyers can now register their non-binding interest in participating to the BME. Please send your interest in participation in writing to: bme-international(at) 

For questions contact: Giselle Canahuati, Phone +49 6196 5828-186) or
Agnes Janikowski, Phone +49 6196 5828-227


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