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Demographic change, the needs of the economy and the changed societal expectations will lead to an increasing importance of female employees in the private and public sectors. According to studies, there is great agreement among men and women that equal participation of women and men in the work force, especially in management positions, is economically necessary.

The BME is concerned with this forward-looking issue, as one in six members of our association is female. The proportion of young professionals is already 40 percent. However, statistics also show that women are still significantly under-represented in management positions in procurement and logistics.

The BME supports women in setting the course for their professional careers. Mentoring was introduced, in which experienced female colleagues pass on their knowledge to young professionals, as well as a special forum "Women Successful in Purchasing". In addition, a guideline on how to better reconcile work and family life was published.

BME Women in procurement, supply chain management and logistics

Our Services

BME-Career Lounge

At a variety of events we offer in our Career Lounge a free career consultation with CV review from our HR experts and a free job application shooting. More


Using the job portal BME-JobSource we bring specialists from purchasing and SCM into contact with well-known companies. You have the opportunity to discover attractive jobs, upload your CV or apply directly for a vacant position. More

Young Professionals Initiative

The Young Professionals Initiative, founded in 2006, is a network for students and young professionals who are starting a career in purchasing, SCM or logistics. More

Mentoring Program

The mentoring program has set itself the task of helping female students and young professionals to find professional orientation. More


The BME offers women two seminars for their personal development in procurement and logistics. In the seminar “Negotiation technique and conversation guidance for women in procurement“, you will learn how to professionally prepare negotiations and develop strategies and tactics for women in purchasing. With Frauen Power: with your strengths in the fast lane, you will learn how to score with a confident and convincing appearance in addition to your specialist knowledge. More

Expert forum

The BME specialist forum "Women Successful in Purchasing" is specially geared toward the needs of female top performers and junior managers in purchasing. More

BME Career Lounge


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