BME and EIC organise ePitching

Innovative start-ups will come together on the topic of digitalisation and automation. The event will take place on 8 June as part of the 12th BME eLÖSUNGSTAGE 2021 DIGITAL.

On 8 June 2021, the European Innovation Council (EIC) and the German Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME) will host the second EIC ePitching to Procurers event. This event brings together 10 innovative start-ups from 8 different EU countries on the topic of digitalisation and automation. The event will take place as part of the 12th BME eLÖSUNGSTAGE 2021. The EIC ePitching to Procurers are part of the EIC Business Acceleration Services, where EIC-funded companies gain access to coaches & training, global partners such as corporates, investors and senior Procurement professionals, as well as access to various innovation ecosystems and peers. The EIC ePitching to Procurers specifically brings together innovators with senior Procurement professionals to leverage deep technology innovations through early market advice and thematic procurement scouting activities. "We are very pleased that the EIC will participate in the 12th BME-eLÖSUNGSTAGEN 2021 as the largest trade fair for eSolutions and eProcurement in purchasing. Both institutions are united by the goal of raising awareness of breakthrough technologies and outstanding innovations amongst a broad base of key decision makers." announced Gundula Ullah , Chairwoman of the BME Board, in Eschborn. The Corona pandemic has, amongst others, worked as a huge tailwind for ProcureTech and the BME is proud to present these latest European innovations to its members via this event. Jean-David Malo , Director of the European Innovation Council: “In efforts of shaping Europe’s digital future, we are open to innovative ideas that will allow the major societal challenges to be reduced. A year passed since the COVID-19 pandemic, and we evolve our online events to meet the expectations of all the participants. On the 2nd virtual EIC e-Pitching to Procurers with BME, we want to offer the EIC beneficiaries the opportunity to access the world's leading companies with the potential of partnerships and possible access to new markets. The EIC would like to thank BME for trusting them for second time with such an event. It clearly demonstrates the motivation, commitment, and willingness to help open up new markets and to shape economic processes and global developments.”

About the European Innovation Council (EIC):

The European Innovation Council (EIC) supports top-class innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists with bright ideas and the ambition to scale up internationally. The European Innovation Council is a key novelty of Horizon Europe and represents the most ambitious innovation initiative that Europe has taken, with a budget of €10 billion for the period 2021-2027. Support to innovators, entrepreneurs, small companies and scientists under the European Innovation Council goes far beyond a grant provision. The EIC offers several business acceleration services that help speed up the pace of innovation, including business coaching and flagship services like EIC Corporate Days and EIC Investor Days, where highly innovative SMEs can take advantage of pitching and partnering opportunities with investors and corporates. In addition, the EIC has recently launched the EIC Greenhouse Gas (EIC GHG) programme, where SMEs receive expert support and guidance to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and co-create green innovations.