SCM faces major challenges

At the 5th Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress, which opened on Tuesday in Dresden, the BME will be welcoming around 200 international supply chain top managers from the pharmaceutical, medical technology, biotechnology and generics sectors until Thursday (5 March).

"Supply chain management is undergoing a major metamorphosis. For a long time the distribution of roles was clear: product development, marketing and production set the tone in most organisations. They defined products and functions for market success. The main function of supply chain optimization was to further optimize cost structures and ensure delivery capability. However, times are changing radically, as will be the case with the Boardroom Conversations in 2020," emphasised BME CEO  Dr. Silvius Grobosch in his opening speech on Tuesday at the 5th Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress of the Buyers' Association in Dresden.

There is no doubt that every successful supply chain manager is up to date when it comes to mastering the current challenges in his or her field. In the future, however, true, sustainable success will be determined to a large extent by intelligent collaboration within different business functions and within different organizations. A common approach will enable information to be collected, analyzed and disseminated. Grobosch: "Those who control the information flows dominate the market. This is a fairly new responsibility for the supply chain." Those who are at the wheel must also take responsibility for the direction. Pure efficiency logic, which has long been the compass for companies, is no longer sufficient.

The BME CEO informed that his association was cooperating with the European Innovation Council (EIC) for the first time during the congress. The EIC brings together the most important EU instruments for promoting innovation and has a network of 4,500 innovative small and medium-sized enterprises. The 20 most interesting SMEs will present their services and solutions until Thursday (5 March) at the 5th BME-Global Pharma Supply Chain Congress. Participants will then have the opportunity to hold individual B2B discussions with representatives of SMEs.