Professional development program for young women in procurement, supply chain management and logistics

Together with our cooperation partner MentorMe, we support twelve female students and young professionals not only in career orientation and career entry, but also in career advancement and reorientation. This is achieved through individual advice, practice-oriented training and a network of experienced professionals and employers.

Our cooperation partner has been a member of the German Mentoring Association since 2017.

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Encourage and demand

Good mentoring serves several purposes. Especially for career starters and young managers it can be a suitable method to find their way as quickly as possible in a new environment or with new tasks. For mentoring to be successful, however, discipline is required - from mentor and mentee.

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The program offers mentees three services:

  • Mentoring: individual and job-related
  • Training: personally and professionally
  • Networking: diverse and exclusive

Advantages for students and young professionals in procurement, SCM and logistics

  • Individual consulting for your career orientation and career planning
  • Support for applications with feedback on CV, cover letter and interviews
  • Support for questions about positioning and career reorientation
  • Gain industry knowledge and professional contacts
  • Offline and online trainings on CV check, application and networking, rhetoric, work 4.0
  • Visits in companies and organisations
  • Access to experts from the most diverse industries
  • Access to a Germany-wide network of mentors
  • Job advertisements via an online community
  • Mentee-groups like women with migration history and Women of Color, applicants, founders, etc.
  • Access to the Mentee Alumni Group after the end of the programme year
  • Mentor from major corporations such as Coca-Cola, Zalando, Rolls Royce, Deutsche Bahn, Metro, Vodafone, Hexal, AboutYou, Shell, Lufthansa, as well as from associations such as BDI, BME, BDEW, etc..
  • Mentor from promising areas such as digitisation, industry 4.0 and innovation labs

Contact Person

Bild von Alina Tillmann
Alina Tillmann Head of BME-Services HR and Career
+49 6196 5828-163
+49 6196 5828-199
Bild von Manuel Steckermayr
Manuel Steckermayr Project Manager HR and Career Services
+49 6196/58 28-259
+49 6196/58 28-199

As a young professional with the BME to success!

As a young professional you enjoy many advantages at the BME:

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