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The shortage of skilled workers has been a reality in Germany for quite some time. This can be seen, among other things, in the unemployment rate, which fell to an all-time low of under 6 percent in April 2017 and will fall even further in the future. One consequence of this is that young workers are in short supply and are thus strongly courted by companies (war for talents).

For companies, this means that corporate or employer branding must be an important part of their recruitment efforts in order to present themselves as attractive employers and arouse the interest of strategically important target groups.

Personnel in procurement, supply chain management and logistics are also difficult to find and therefore belong to one of the sought-after occupational groups that require special attention in the context of personnel marketing activities.

In addition to the tried and tested instrument of job advertisements, BME-JobSource offers companies the opportunity to present themselves to candidates from procrement, SCM and logistics and to specifically address this particular occupational group.

Your advantages

  • specific arouse interest through information, images and image videos
  • easy searchability according to specific search criteria (industry, locations, professions searched for, etc.)
  • Image effect by integration of pictures and videos
  • directly establish a connection through personal contact persons

You can create a company presentation for your company on BME-JobSource at any time and free of charge. All you need to do is register beforehand.

You can also send the information/images to manuel.steckermayr(at) who will create the presentation for you.



Contact Person

Bild von Alina Tillmann
Alina Tillmann Head of BME-Services HR and Career
+49 6196 5828-163
+49 6196 5828-199
Bild von Manuel Steckermayr
Manuel Steckermayr Project Manager HR and Career Services
+49 6196/58 28-259
+49 6196/58 28-199

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