Purchasing Manager Index (PMI)

The IHS Markit/BME Purchasing Manager Index (PMI), a monthly early indicator on the predicted economic trend in Germany, is a valuable analysis tool for buyers, marketing experts and business directors. The individual indexes,

  • performance,
  • orders (receipt, backlog, export),
  • purchase prices (also sales),
  • purchasing volumes,
  • delivery times,
  • material and finished goods in stock,
  • employment,

listed on four pages, are delivered to subscribers immediately after publication without delay.

The PMI has been published since 1996 under the auspices of BME, while production has been in the hands of the British media group Markit Economics (Henley-on-Thames). The representative index is based on polling of 500 purchasing managers or managing directors from business enterprises in the German processing industry. The validity of the purchasing manager index is indisputable: the European Central Bank (ECB) has explicitly emphasized its informational content.