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Global markets are a huge challenge for international purchasing organizations. Selecting the best options from a large number of potential markets and a vast army of potential suppliers is risky, cost-intensive and consuming a lot of time. In order to support the procurement interests of our members, we maintain close contacts with political institutions at home and abroad. We are steadily expanding our worldwide network and in many areas, we actively support our members in planned sourcing measures.

As one of the largest buying groups in Europe, the BME is the perfect partner for building a worldwide network between purchasers, suppliers, institutions and politicians. We perform a bridging function to synchronize the procurement interests between German companies and international markets.

B2B-services and events

BME International is your partner in moving to international purchase.

Our services:

  • B2B-seminars: sourcing seminars in sourcing countries (i.e. Italy, Portugal, Serbia, Poland …) incl. B2B-options for buyers (BME-member only). 2-3 purchasing companies, 
  • B2B-delegation trips: delegation could include seminars, company visits, etc... as well as individual meeting with up to 10 purchasing companies.
  • B2B-congresses: networking event with best-practice presentations, discussions and workshops.

All congresses include B2B-Matchmakings for buyers and suppliers, supplier longlist. Up to 400 participants.

Overview of our international events

Company Profile

To offer you optimal service, we require a completed company profile for your participation in our matchmaking events.

Participation process for B2B-Matchmaking.

Purchaser Profile [xls] (send it back to Anke Imelmann).

Supplier Profile [xls] (sent it back to Diane Djongoue).

Expert Council meetings

BME offers its members a variety of expert councils to exchange with and learn from their peers. Our international expert councils give insight into sourcing regions and global trends.

Upcoming meetings:

  • 08th February 2018 - Global Sourcing

Registration form [pdf]

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