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BME China Procurement Executive Roundtable, Shanghai, 14 August 2019

Source Photo: BME e.V.

On 14 August 2019, German and Chinese purchasing, logistics and supply chain managers from various sectors met again in Shanghai for an intensive exchange of opinions and experience. A total of 16 companies attended the event, including Claas, Voith, Deutsche Bahn, Reyher, Infinion, SKF, and Mahle.

"We are very pleased that this offer is valued and effectively used by our member companies in China and we are working to further extend this platform," said Riccardo Kurto, Head of China BME.

" BME in Shanghai not only dares to perform on the "big stage", but it is also developing into an effective contact point for medium-sized companies in China with competent support in market and purchasing issues," explains Thomas Anton, CLAAS, Head of China Asia Sourcing.

The topics covered were:

1. The Belt and Road Initiative and the Platform Project (on which we have reported)
2. China's economic development and the impact on purchasing

Major Takeaways - Regarding point 1:

  • The possibilities which the platform and the associated service can offer meet with great approval among the participants
  • Numerous companies have already announced that they will try this offer

Major Takeaways - Regarding point 2:

  • Economic development is leading some companies to use their location in China as a hub for extended activities in Asia
  • In many cases, however, economic data are not reflected in real business. In spite of the gloomy economic situation, it is virtually impossible to obtain any effective price reductions from Chinese suppliers (which indicates a stable order situation for suppliers)
  • China's industry is in a transformation phase

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