52nd Symposium Purchasing and Logistics - 8 - 10 November 2017, Berlin

Adding Value: Leveraging Global Networks

Current Topics and Speakers from All Industries

Purchasing and supply chain managers work in a turbulent environment. Material prices, inflation and delivery times are moving upward again. The swings on currency markets are becoming more volatile. Simultaneously, uncertainty about the future of globalisation is rising. The situation is further complicated by digital transformation, which is causing disruptive changes in traditional value chains.

New answers must be found to meet these challenges. While presentations in the plenary sessions adress the bigger picture, our specialist programme focusses on the value contributions from purchasing and SCM and the related strategies for success.

Among others, our speakers will discuss the following topics: 

  • How are general global economic conditions changing?
  • How will free trade and European integration develop in the future?
  • What value contribution must come from purchasing, and how can successful transformation be accomplished?
  • What will the digital ecosystem comprising companies, customers and suppliers look like in future?
  • How will the role model of purchasing and SCM change in the age of digitalisation?
  • How can risks be minimised and material prices as well as supply chains be secured?

The 52nd Symposium is your platform to share and gain actionable insights and to discuss your success strategies with your peers.. In putting together our programme of talks, discussions and workshops, we seek a mix of inspirational visions of the future and best practices that have been realised today. In addition, selected topics concerning soft skills and extensive opportunities for your specific networking are on the agenda.




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