Certified Digital Procurement Manager

16 April – 29 May 2024 | Online


Procurement as Strategic Enabler in Digital Transformation!

Digitalisation brings with it a concentrated load of changes that naturally also have an impact on procurement. The six-day course imparts practical knowledge and skills for a professional analysis and (further) development of your procurement department – to be a strategic enabler of digital transformation for your own department and company-wide!

Our Goal!

Digitalisiation is changing the world of work in companies! All functional areas along the value chain will have to reposition themselves. Therefore, procurement is required to not only make a contribution to the digital transformation – but with its excellent access to markets and suppliers also be a key driver in the process. As a participant, you will be enabled to take on this task and to develop initial solutions for your company!


6 Modules from
April 16th – May 29th, 2024| ONLINE
Course in English!

Benefits & Methodology

High-Intensity Training – with a Gamification Approach!
Certificate for Tailored Transfer to Your Company’s Needs!
  1. The content is conveyed with the help of impulse speeches and deepened using a case study. This example of digital transformation shows all challenges and tasks for a purchasing 4.0 as well as connections between the individual training topics.
  2. The presentation of practical examples and accompanying video material convey the training material in a lively and vivid way.
  3. Participants learn how to use concrete tools to find solutions in everyday digital purchasing process. This ensures a high level of practical relevance and benefit.
  4. The team approach enhances individual creativity and promotes innovative, convincing solution finding.
  5. The „gamification“ training approach familiarises participants with the new possibilities and solutions of digitalisation in a quasi-playful way. This also promotes the idea of competition and encourages innovative and convincing team solutions.
  6. The individual „use case“ as part of the final acceptance and awarding of the certificate creates a high level of practical relevance to the respective individual company and purchasing environment and forms an ideal platform for own purchasing 4.0 projects.

Who should attend?

  • CPOs, COOs, CDOs
  • Procurement managers and executives
  • as well as executives from the areas of digitalisation, business innovation, business development and corporate strategy

The course is designed to be cross-sectoral and is also valuable for public sector companies.

A transnational procure.ch training course in co-operation with BME and BMÖ for the DACH,
providing a perspective and network across borders


Business Models (Thinking in Business Models)

  • Quo vadis Industry 4.0 – the impact of Industry 4.0 solutions on purchasing and procurement
  • Purchasing 4.0 concept – the role of purchasing in the design of business models
  • Development of a purchasing 4.0 management guide

Carsten Vollrath, CEO, SWISS IPG GROUP


Value Creation Management – Establishing Network and Cooperation Management

  • Advanced SCM – end-to-end value chains analysis and design
  • Social network design – analysing suppliers as part of the value creation network
  • Partner management – approaches to strategic network management

Prof. Dr. Herbert Ruile, President, Logistikum Schweiz GmbH


Process & Data Management – Increasing Efficiency Through Digital Process Management and Business


  • Business/Purchasing process digitalisation
  • Digitalisation and automation of purchasing processes
  • Big data analytics in purchasing – unlocking new potential through purchasing data analysis

Carsten Vollrath, CEO, SWISS IPG GROUP


Procurement as a Growth Driver – Technology and Innovation Management with Suppliers

  • Technology scouting & technology portfolios – identifying and evaluating technologies at an early stage
  • Management of technology innovation partnerships
  • Designing the innovation process in the supply network

Prof. Dr. Herbert Ruile, President, Logistikum Schweiz GmbH


Quality Management – Integrating Risk Management and Early Warning Systems

  • Quality and risk management (ISO 31000) – processes and methods for purchasing
  • Instruments for early warning and information for the purchasing process
  • Screening & scanning method

Prof. Dr. Herbert Ruile, President, Logistikum Schweiz GmbH


Purchasing as a Strategic Cycle Manager – Increasing Sustainability in the Product Life Cycle

  • Industry 4.0 & sustainability in the product life cycle
  • Resource efficiency and sustainability through networking
  • Circular management & networking – new methods and tools for designing closed systems

Carsten Vollrath, CEO, IPG GROUP


The Final Exam: Develop Your Individual Transformation Roadmap – for the Best Possible Practical Transfer!

In addition to the 5 course modules, an individual examination opportunity is available:
Applying the knowledge gained, you will craft a personalized transformation roadmap for your company. This roadmap will be presented during an oral exam via video conference following the modules. Subsequently, engaging in an expert discussion, you‘ll have the chance to elaborate on your approach and receive further recommendations and assistance for the future.

To acquire the certificate, participants engage in a practical project involving the formulation of a project proposal or roadmap titled ,Analysis and Further Steps for Sustainable Procurement Development/Enhancement.‘ The oral examination encompasses presenting the practical work followed by a technical discussion.

Participation in the final exam is voluntary. Participants who opt out of the final exams will receive a certificate of participation.


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