Jamsco Automotive Assemblies

Jamsco automotive assemblies was established in 2012, an initiative by the South African Government to include quality suppliers into the automotive industry. We provided steel stamped dash panel bracket locally and to Ford Motor Argentina with zero PPM. Complies with all PSW and meet all legislative and international standards DQS ISO 9001/14001 2015. We provided Ford Motor South Africa with quality rear axle, stabilizer, struts and front corner safety critical assemblies for the local and export market. We provided the JIT assemblies directly to the chassis line supporting the customer with three shifts as a Tier 1 supplier. 

Jamsco Automotive Assemblies
Unit 12 Stani Industrial Park
Sharland Street, Driehoek
Germiston, 1401, Republic of South Africa
Phone: +27 (0)81 0116208
LinkedIn: https:/

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