BME analysis on power outages in China

The Shanghai office of the BME has analysed the current energy situation in the People's Republic in detail and makes recommendations for its members on how to limit the business risks associated with power cuts.

In China, private households located there as well as domestic and foreign industrial companies are suffering from the recurring power outages. In cooperation with its office in Shanghai, the BME has thoroughly investigated the current power supply gaps in the People's Republic and compiled important background information for German companies doing business in China.
In the three-page PDF file, the BME authors go into more detail about the current power supply in the northeast and west of the country, among other things. The BME document also contains a forecast for the further development of electricity prices in the world's second largest economy. It concludes with recommendations to BME members on how to deal with the electricity crisis. Service : The PDF document "BME China Power Gap Analysis" is available for download here. For further information:
Riccardo Kurto, BME China Officer
E-mail: riccardo.kurto(at)bme.de